About Me


This chapter of my story started around six years ago. Diving headfirst into all things crystal as well as mentoring and teaching spirituality with a modern twist.

Over time, I have built up my business to have many facets to allow myself to help others in a variety of ways as my passion is to facilitate the opportunities for others to live a fulfilling and happy spiritual life.

From becoming a Reiki Master and studying crystal healing to learning to use many tools to help information come through from those who have passed, I strive to help others have the opportunity to become who they are truly meant to be. 

Having recently added psychic parties and spiritual expos to my list of many talents,

I am always happy to discuss how we can organise an event to fit your needs.

Crystals are a huge part of my life and I believe they can help those from 0-120 with enhancing all areas of their lives. There is no greater feeling than watching someone be matched up to a crystal treasure - it beautiful to see another light up when they receive a piece especially chosen for them.

Please make a cuppa, take a seat and enjoy a stroll through what I have to offer both service and goods based.


I believe we can make the 'you' that you strive to be, together!



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Chevron Amethyst Tower


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