Psychic Parties

Whats involved:


  • A chat about how my abilities started, when my mediumship 'kicked in' and how that has progressed to where I am today

  • A group talk on crystals, their uses, and what they can do to improve your everyday life.

  • A group talk on how to use a pendulum and what it is useful for.

  • A group talk on learning how to read your own card deck. This includes getting to have a 'play' with a deck and how to use one more effectively without having to look the book up.

  • a 10 minute card reading for each person (or a longer reading if there is less of you)

  • a Q & A session at the end for any further questions you may have about your experience at the part or even spirituality in general.


Who can book:

Anyone who has four friends and themselves wanting a Psychic Party done.

5 people = $50 each

10 people = $25 each

(Contact for quote on costs for the number of people you have wanting to attend.)


Any further questions? Always feel comfortable contacting me to chat.


The small print:

Anywhere within an hour and a half travel from Wagga will have no extra travel costs involved.

Anywhere further will have a surcharge added to cover accommodation and petrol costs.

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